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my picture looks nothing like me any more...
it's a good three or four years old...i don't even remember...
but there's just some reason i can't take it down, yes i'm a lot thinner in it but you can't really tell because it's all scene kid pic angles and only shot from the mid-boob up...AND the only reason i was thinner is because it was mid alcoholism and pre-baby...i hate seeing that bathroom wall every time i come lurk on the few people who still post on here...
and this entire rant is random because i actually came to vent and then realized i didn't really want to vent to complete strangers and started ranting about something else...

i'm bored and lonely right now sorry.

anyone who may have actually wanted an update: i cried yesterday because we got rid of eva's crib and she's now sleeping in a big girl bed...she's not a baby anymore and i sobbed...
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