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i wanna be your last, first kiss...

i was just realizing that all of my posts for almost the last year have been about Evangeline...granted she is the BIGGEST deal ever to happen to me but i've been really neglectful of the other things going on in my life...
so this will be an Eva free post starting NOW!

I'm happy. How's that for a news flash? I am head over heels crazy in love with a man who is quite possibly the best, most honest, caring, considerate, loyal, hilarious guy i've ever been with. I'm giddy, and i haven't been giddy in a really long time. And seeing as how his job means he will be out of town for chunks of time, i'm hoping we avoid that unhealthy co-dependency that always seems to form and help ruin my relationships...GRANTED i miss the boy like CRAZY...i've gotten to see him for not even 24 hours in the last two months and still won't be able to see him for another 10 or so days which sucks BIGTIME...but is so worth it! Wednesday when he was in town was the best day i've had in SO long, just because i cherished every second that he and i got to spend together. And every day just being able to talk to him seems to mean so much more...i trust him, and i trust myself with him and even with him away i feel secure...damn this is making me miss him more so on to the next subject...

why is that so tiny?!?!?!?!?

Still working at Gardella''s really nice to have a job and to work with people that enjoy hanging out with eachother outside of makes being at work seem less like working. Like Sunday, for example, I went to the Anberlin concert and was going to meet up with my wifey, Jennifer, at the intersection...well on my way i get a text from another co-worker to come to taps to meet up with four other people i work with and then we ALL went to the show, and then to Billy's and it was a BLAST...and girl's night out when like six of us girls all went out to dinner and then out and about...i love that...

Should be moving out soon...hopefully by june...i need to get out of this house...

okay i'm sorry but i can't make it without telling you that Eva hung out with the haste the day boys on wednesday...and they all immediately fell in love with her...cause she's once again that freakin' sweet...
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atta girl.
and what exactly is that "atta girl" for?