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she's got the prettiest blue eyes EVER.

*i love that Evangeline smiles now...and that she's starting to makes sounds and pretends to talk...

*her big cousin lucas is her bestest buddy...speaking of really cute things it's on the top of the list as well...some of you may know that my nephew has a lack of most motor skills from his condition...WELL whenever he sees Eva he gets so excited and if you hold her up to him he will hug her, keep in mind he doesn't have very many purposeful movement so this is a BIG deal...AND the other day they were laying on the floor at my parents and they were making sounds back and forth like they were talking AND Lucas kept his arm that normally would be flailing around very still and against his chest (to the point that it was shaking) so as not to hit Eva...he's going to be such a good big brother...

*there was nothing cuter than the smile evangeline got yesterday when (in all attempts to calm her crying fit down) i rubbed her blankie on her little was SO adorable...i almost cried
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