kelly* (kafkaesquedream) wrote,

but honey...

could someone please tell me why that when jordan and i were searching for rings this one got immediately vetoed?

for real.
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my god, that is an atrocity!
i can't believe you said that to me!!!
so pretty!
p.s.- searching for rings?!?
we've been "browsing" as he likes to call it...
probably because it was like a bazillion dollars. That and maybe he didn't like the idea of a Chococat wedding band.
it is only $1950 ACTUALLY...which is under what he said was the budget...
not chococat wedding bands...hello kitty ones...they have those too...but the hello kitty on the guys one is on the inside so as not to be gay...
I could feel that ring sucking my soul.
And yet, I was strangely attracted to it.
It scares and excites me.
I need help.

Oh, hey, when can we hang out with you?
Maxwell is doing better and you guys should come over for dinner.

Evidently, I am now a booking agent for national acts. Woo freakin' Hoo.


i would really like to meet him. I'm definitely down with dinner sometime...eva like's babies :-)